Friday, July 30, 2010

What a crappy way to start a day

The last two mornings I have woke up dealing with crap. Literally. And yes it warrants a blog post. So yesterday morning Fisher wakes up and I go get him from his room and bring him downstairs. I usually lay him between Shawn and myself for a few minutes and cuddle him and talk to him as we both wake up. Yesterday after I put him between us he unsnapped his diaper and I checked it real quick to make sure there was no poop in there and then decided to let him play for a few minutes commando while we were waking up. I am not sure if the nugget of goodness was already in the diaper and I didn't notice it or if he produced it at will after the diaper was off. But regardless - a minute or two later I noticed a brown spot on my sheets. My lovely Egyptian Cotton sheets. And then I noticed it was more than just a spot. There was a good 3 foot swath of crap on my sheets...and my handmade quilt.....and my own pajamas. So I informed Shawn that we had a 5 Alarm situation (our term for when the poop requires a double parenting team for clean up and disposal) and he took Fisher and cleaned him up and I took over the laundry cleaning detail. Crisis solved.
Now this morning I get Fisher bring him downstairs again. I put him on the floor as I make up my bed (with my fresh poop free sheets). Fisher is playing happily in the floor. He comes over to the bed and pulls up and holds out a treasure for me to see very proudly (kind of like when a cat brings a mouse to your doorstep). I realize this brown treasure is truly a treasure because he had to dig for is a cat turd!!! Fisher has never shown any interest in the cat's litter boxes until this morning. I freaked out and grabbed the cat turd with my bare hands to get it away from him and then inspected his mouth to make sure there was no evidence of coprophagy (which is a scientific term for crap eating). Luckily, Fisher didn't appear to eat a poop breakfast.
I wonder what will happen tomorrow morning?


  1. mmmmm poop. you know we're a big fan of coprophagy in our house! coprophagic kids! we should make t-shirts!

  2. ha ha - that would be great shirts - we love our coprophagic kid.
    I guess they just have some rabbit in them :)

  3. EEEEK that was truly a crappy (no pun intended..okay maybe) way to start the day LOL