Sunday, March 10, 2013

Panda's make Panda Puffs

At 3.5 years old several times a day Fisher says something that makes me laugh and I think "I want to remember that!" And then we get busy and I don't write it down.
Being that it is a weekend morning, Shawn is out of town, and we are eating breakfast while watching Aquabats - I am taking a few minutes to document one :)

Fisher is very much into "Where does that come from?". Which is kind of neat!  At the grocery store he says "Cows make milk", "apples come from apple trees", etc.  He asks Shawn and I nonstop where we get things around the house.  "Mom, where did you get that shampooo?"  "Mom, where did did you get this necklace?".  And being that Shawn has a super hero collection - Fisher is VERY interested in those.  A few times a day Fisher says "I want to talk to Daddy about Super Heros" and much of that includes discussions of where they come from.  (Which coincidentally is a great time for Shawn to explain that he works, saves his money, and then buys them).

I usually make a good, full breakfast on weekends - bacon, eggs, the like.  This morning Shawn is out of town and I am feeling lazy (Time change!) so I gave Fisher the option of eating Panda Puffs.  He doesn't eat cereal often at all - probably just had it a handful of times and he was very interested in this opportunity.  He asked me a few questions about the cereal and decided that it was suitable for his Sunday am palate.  I brought him the bowl and he looked up at me and said "Mom, Panda's make Panda Puffs" very matter of fact.  It made me giggle and a little at a loss.  I find it fascinating that at this age he is trying to figure it all out and make the world make sense to him.  And it is yet another reason to not eat processed food - it is too hard to explain where it comes from.  ha ha.