Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bye Bye Gallbladder

I had my gallbladder out 2.5 weeks ago.  It was diseased  - I didn't have stone, but it wasn't working properly and was causing lots of shoulder pain.  So I got it removed.  I was a little nervous about getting it removed, because it is surgery and surgery can't be undone.  I was worried that the pain wasn't actually caused by my gallbladder and I worried that having the gallbladder out wasn't the right thing to do.
It was :)  Since I have had it out I feel much better - no shoulder pain and I feel less sluggish in general.  I know now that I made the right decision.  My doctors also think my diseased gallbladder may be tied to me not losing weight.  Time will tell on that one, I have a lost a few pounds post surgery but I think that is to be expected since I have not eaten much at all.
The surgeon told me not to workout for 4-6 weeks, other than walking.  I am not really complying, since I am going to start working out again today - 2.5 weeks post surgery.  I am going to go back to Body Pump today - I really really miss it!  But I am going to take it a little easier than normal and probably won't do the ab workouts.
I am excited to get back to working out, even if I keep things low key for another week or two.  My body needs workouts for stress reduction if nothing else.
Hope everyone has a great 4th!!