Monday, July 3, 2017

KiwiCo Crates Review

Fisher and Willow love doing crafts, STEM projects, and building things but between working full time, getting the kids to therapy and doctors appointments, Cub Scouts, swimming lessons, and on and on I don't often have the time or want to put the effort in to perusing Pinterest, getting to the craft and home improvement stores for supplies to attempt a project that is likely to either fail or we realize that we forgot something and need to make a store run in mid project to finish.

I have seen the advertisements for Tinker Crates on Facebook and decided to try it out by getting each kid a crate.  I love that they age appropriate crates for each of my kid's ages.  So that way they felt like they each got something special.   I ordered Fisher (7 years old) the Kiwi Crate and Willow (3 year olds) the Koala Crate.  I placed the order last week and both crates were delivered together 5 days after I purchased them.  It worked out perfectly that they came on a Saturday that I felt like crap and didn't feel like doing our normal pool, park, run off energy activities.   


Fisher's  crate was themed "Arcade"  and when he read that on the box he got very excited to dig in.   He created his own arcade game - first he put together a wooden claw/grabber thingy.  It had a lot of pieces but I was glad to see that there was VERY clear directions on what to do and plenty of good illustrations.  I helped him just a little bit - but for the most part he did it all himself.  The quality of the wooden claw is actually really good and he is quite proud of his creation.  He has been running around all weekend getting things with his grabber!  Next he made Pom-poms out of yarn.  Again everything he needed was included in the crate including little tools to make it simple.  Also included was a little magazine type book with things for Fisher to read, color, and ideas for more fun. This was the perfect combo of "tinkering/building" and crafts for Fisher.

Willow's crate was themed "rainbows" and included three crafts for her.  She made a stain-glass type window, an adorable rainbow pillow, and a tote bag that has rainbows.  Again there was very simple to follow directions and was a perfect crate of activities for a three year old.  She LOVED it and was very engaged and excited to show off her work.

We all really enjoyed the crates - the two kids because they were age appropriate, fun, engaging projects.  I loved it because it came with EVERYTHING  we needed.  So no searching through my house for anything or running to the store to grab a pipe cleaner.   Realistically this is the type of craft I can handle right now in my life.

Both kids are excited to get their next crates.    We chose to pay by the month to try it out - and they are $20/month and that includes shipping.  I would like to change it to a longer subscription which makes it a little cheaper if I have extra money laying around (Ha!).

I actually just ordered my two nieces each a crate for their birthday.  My niece Delaney is turning 6 so I ordered her a Kiwi Crate and my Niece Emerson just turned 11 so I ordered her the Doodle Crate which focuses on art and design.  I am looking forward to seeing what they make with their crates!

If you want to try your own crate ----I mean your kids...if you KIDS would like to try a crate use my referral link and get $10 off your first crate. So you can get a crate sent to your house for $10!