Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yep, I have 'that child"....and I bet you do too!

I have "that child." My son is the one who is into EVERYTHING. He laughs at our baby proofing attempts. He climbs over and on everything, he pushes things out of the way when he wants something, he digs through bags,boxes,and drawers pulling out everything until he finds what he was looking for. He is very determined and stubborn. Yet at the same time he is very laid back. When the house gets quite you know he has broken into a room or got something he wasn't supposed to. He puts anything and everything into his mouth. He eats anything you give him and never seems full. Yep - my 9 month old is "that child" and I couldn't be happier. I think this all means he is the coolest, most intelligent, funniest, 9 month old ever. Well, until we have another 9 month old then he or she will join those ranks. I bet you have "that child" too. Maybe "that child" to you is a daughter that is so quite and sweet that she doesn't make a peep in church. Maybe yours is so well behaived that you can leave him in a room by himself without worrying about him destroying the place or himself. Maybe you have the child that won't sit still for a second is always running,running,running. Whatever "that child" is to you - I bet that he or she is perfect for you and your family. And that you think he or she is the coolest, most intelligent, funniest kid ever! And you should! Because he or she is :)
I was in the physical therapy waiting room the other day and a boy and his mother came in. The boy was probably about 9 years old and was special needs. He walked in and talked to everyone in the waiting room saying "Hi, How are you? I am fine" before each person could respond. He bounced all over the place talking to everyone but no one at the same time. When he was called back by his physical therapist he jumped up and ran over and said to his mom "I can do this by myself - you can stay here!" That mom had nothing but pride, love, and joy in her eyes. She has "that child" too. I have learned in the past 9 months that no matter what child you are given, what obstacles you might face, nothing compares to knowing that you have "that child" - the one who is absolutely and totally perfect for you.
Now I have to run - Fisher is quiet and I bet he broke the baby proofing down and made it into the bedroom.


  1. the great thing about hardwood floors and crawling? I can hear Gray slap slap slapping his way around! :) I miss Mr. Fisher!

  2. That is true Rachael - this carpeting keeps him secretive! I miss Grayzilla too!