Monday, June 14, 2010

Where do I begin???

I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time. There are so many times where I just want a place to type things out and get it out there. Even if no one reads my posts, there is something very cathartic about getting things off my chest.
I don't know where else to start than with Fisher. He is my 9 month old son and as so many parents say - he changed my world. But not in ways I expected. I expected the mundane things like getting less sleep, be busier, and discover what it means to have someone completely depend on you. I never realized that I would get angry at people in the table next to us at a restaurant because they are cursing loudly. I never expected to consider the safety factor and side curtain airbags when buying a car. In a million years I did not expect to wake up one day and realize that I could be perfectly happy if I quit my job and stayed at home with Fisher full time. Honestly, that one shocked me the most. It is something I am not going to do - but just the fact that I COULD is huge. I love my job and my field. I have worked hard and moved countless times to get where I am and I could now give that all up to clean up poop, do laundry, cook, chase around a crazy little boy? Shocking, even to me! But all the unexpected happened and continues to happen all the time and I find myself happily surprised at the little revelations I have.

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