Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shawn's First Father's Day

From the moment I met Shawn I knew he would be a great dad. Maybe it is the way he treats his pets like royalty or that he is one of the most loyal people I have met or maybe it is how kids love him.
He has been a father for 9 months and has exceeded even my expectations. Fisher is incredibly lucky to have a dad who is so interactive, loving, and caring. From the moment Fisher was born, he loved his dad. In the midst all the chaos surrounded Fisher at his birth, he was looking straight at his dad while the nurses and doctors evaluated him. Shawn took a few pics of Fisher within a few minutes of his birth and Fisher had his eyes fixed on Shawn. Shawn can often calm Fisher down when I can't. For several months Shawn was the only one that put Fisher down to sleep - he would rock him to sleep for every nap and each night. He used to sneak upstairs quickly if Fisher woke up during the night and rock him back to sleep before I heard him and woke up. Every time Shawn goes to the store he buys Fisher a toy. I hear the pride in Shawn's voice when I hear him start a sentence with "My son." I see the happiness in his eyes when we are in public and a stranger fawns over Fisher.
It has been an awesome experience seeing the foundations of an amazing father/son relationship develop. Happy First Father's Day to Shawn!

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  1. Just wait, one of these days your going to be wishing Fisher still wanted to hang out with mommy, instead of doing "man" things with daddy all the time! Adrian hangs in the garage and even goes to work with Jeremy. He loves it and totally freaks out everytime Jeremy leaves without him to go anywhere.
    Oh and Happy Father's day to Shawn. He sounds like the greatest dad a boy could have. Fisher is lucky indeed.