Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Early bedtimes

OK, One year ago I sure didn't think I would be complaining that my son sleeps too much! And I guess I am not really complaining, but chalk it up to one more thing I didn't quite expect.
Fisher's bedtime has gotten earlier and earlier! He is now 13 months old and goes to bed at 6 pm. His bedtime used to be 8, then we backed it to 7:30 because he seemed to get sleepy earlier. When he started daycare we moved it to 7:00 because he only takes one nap a day there compared to two naps he took at home. Then we moved it to 6:30, because we could tell he was worn out. And then while I was on my work trip Shawn started putting him to bed at 6:00 as he was tired that early! And when he is tired he is miserable and nothing makes him happy, so the early bedtime seems like a necessity. He does sleep through the night until about 7 am, so I am DEFINITELY not complaining about that. If babies were born being able to sleep through the night I might have a whole quiverfull myself, so I guess as far as population control goes - it is probably good they are so rough those first few months. Anyway - so this is our day. Fisher wakes up at 7ish, I get him ready for daycare - take him usually about 8 and then pick him up by 4. We bring him home, he eats a snack, we play outside, then he eats dinner at 5ish, then bath, then bed. He goes right to sleep, no fussing or complaining. Again, I am not complaining about that - I love that he is a great sleeper, but I miss him! I only have about 3 or 4 waking hours with him a day, so I want to pack it full of fun and snuggles.
I try to get finished with work as soon as possible so I can go get him and enjoy our time together. I do know that he really is loving daycare and gets so happy each morning when he sees his little friends. But I also look forward to the weekends when I get him all to myself all day long!
I am sure sooner than later he will start fighting bed time and I will think relish these days of early bedtimes with no fuss. And believe me if we have another baby I will definitely be counting the days down until they sleep through the night. But for now, I have to admit, I walk up stairs at night and watch him sleep. I sometimes hope he wakes up so I can cuddle him back to sleep.

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