Thursday, October 21, 2010

The mundane life

Life has been so busy lately - traveling back and forth from Knoxville, taking Fisher to day care and then working frantically all day, spending the weekends out of town, it feels sometimes like the only times we are home is to do laundry and set off again. It makes me appreciate the normal, boring life we have when we are home. I love our little schedule - we pick up Fisher from day care and then come home and Shawn, Fisher, and I spend some time outside in the yard together. We play in the sand box, in the leaves, or just hang out and talk in the front yard while Fisher chases the neighbors cats. Then we come inside and I make dinner and we eat, then it is bath time for Fisher. The last thing we do at night is go up to Fisher's room and let him play in the floor for a few minutes, read him a book, and then he is in bed.
Tonight as we were going through these motions I was so thankful to be doing them. To be home with my husband and my son, to be cooking dinner, cleaning up, giving a bath, all the things that most people aren't thankful about most days. But the last little bit has been so crazy, it was nice to have a mundane "boring" evening, just the three of us. Just what the doctor ordered!

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