Sunday, October 31, 2010

Healthy reminders

First of all - I am now a Sista in the Mamavation Sistahood! Woo hoo! I am really enjoying reading about and learning from ladies from all walks of lives. I am still getting my feet wet in the Sistahood, but learning every day.

This week I tried to get back to eating clean/whole foods, eating little processed food, and little sugar. Within 24 hours of this lifestyle I was reminded how awesome it makes me feel! By Wednesday I was feeling pretty good and wondering why I ever fall off the wagon and let the crap creep back into my diet. By Friday I was reminded why I let the crap creep back in - I am soooo freaking busy! This is the busiest time of year for me in my job, a week from tonight I will be in Tennessee trapping raccoons for several weeks. To counteract the "I am so busy, I am just going to stop and grab dinner for our family" I have made a meal plan for the week and already went grocery shopping for it. This is the plan -
Monday - Pork roast and sweet potatoes
Tuesday - Whole wheat pasta and veggies
Wed - traveling, will eat Subway
Thursday - traveling will eat healthy
Friday - Pot roast and veggies
Saturday - Chicken stir fry

Working out...another thing that has been hard to fit in lately. However, I am going to make it a HIGH priority this week!! I am going to start the week off by going jogging as soon as I take my son to daycare tomorrow, before I start working. If I don't get my workouts in then, it just doesn't happen. I am going to do the same thing on Tuesday and Friday (Wed and Thurs I will be traveling so won't be able to).

As far as weight goes - I just bought a new scale tonight (my son drenched mine and it shorted out) so hopefully next week I can post a loss!

Until then I am going to continuously remind myself how the choices I make - eating healthy, working out, drinking plenty of water - make me feel so much better!

Subway designed a new series of reusable lunch bags around each one of their Famous Fans and their specific athletic talent. My biggest inspiration is Lance Armstrong. He makes me feel like anything is possible when it comes to overcoming obstacles.


  1. WTG on eating clean! That's is really so tough for me!

    My daughter saw those reusable lunch bags this week, and I think we'll be going by Subway this week. She has never wanted to go...but now things may change!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Way to go on the eating clean. I need to try harder. Traveling can be so difficult for the fitness aspect, but maybe (if you are in a hotel) you can use the fitness room before you go off trapping wild animals. Sounds like a fun job. I am picturing you hiking in to the site to set cages...does that count as some fitness?

  3. I definitely think that my job counts towards my fitness! At least, I feel like I need to be in shape to trap! However, we usually use trucks or 4 wheelers to get where we set traps, so we walk some, but not a ton. There is a lot of lifting and carrying (a cage trap with a 25 lb raccoon gets heavy very fast!), so I have short bursts of exertion.

  4. Welcome to the sistahood! :) So glad to have you! Love your enthusiasm, it's catchy! Keep it up! Have a great week!

  5. I have been there where you are with the late nights doing wildlife and ecology work. My area of focus was herps w/ night rides and eye-shine that had me playing in the wee hours and/or 16-hour days. Food, you gotta play it smart even if you are hiking for hours at a time and your co-workers are eating junk. Good luck finding that happy place with what you put in your vest while you are out there. I know you can do it!

  6. Welcome to the sistahood!

    I find that if I dont get my workout in first thing in the morning, before everyone gets just doesnt happen.

    Good luck this week!

  7. Welcome to the Sistahood! We're so glad to have you as an official member!!

    Where in Tenneessee will you be and why will you be trapping raccoons? (just curious?) It sounds interesting, and a little funny... raccoons always sound funny to me though.

    Looking forward to reading more from you!

  8. Just read your comment on Rebecca's blog. I live only about 20 minutes from Johnson City and Kingsport! You will be in my neck of the woods!

  9. Great job making a menu plan and scheduling your workouts! I find that SO helpful in beating the "I'm so busy" attitude.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more!

  10. If anyone gets the "I'm so busy" lifestyle I DO! It is hard to fit in healthy meals and fitness but It's AMAZING how much better I feel when I do. Good luck finding a workable schedule. I know you can do it!!!

  11. Welcome, Sistah! Um, and I love pot roast.

    Eating clean is such a great goal. Oh, and I'm totally coming over for pot roast. Yum.

  12. I definatly know the struggle of eating right while traveling and working sevreal weeks out of the year I stay over at clients houses while petsitting and its tough to resist getting fast food so i try to shop the week before and get healthy foods stuff for snacks and healthy sandwhiches then bring leftovers from home, I allow myself a few stops at subway as my time out.

    good luck with your goals and welcome to the sistahood hugs


  13. Lance Armstrong is a big conservation-asshole. Just FYI. He lives around here and is a P.I.T.A. :) Good for you getting back on the wagon! I wish we lived closer so we could inspire/nag each other!!!