Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mamavation Monday....er Tuesday?

I think since yesterday was federal holiday and I was off work then it is quite alright for me to do my first Mamavation Monday post on a Tuesday. So here we go...
I have noticed the hashtag #mamavation on twitter some over the past few months but it wasn't until today that I actually took some time and read about it. Oh.my.goodness. I am so excited! What is mamavation? It seems to me that it is a bunch of women online who are supporting each other and encouraging each other as they make their lives more healthy for themselves and their families. How cool is that? I took some time and read over many posts and the positivity and love is contagious. So I have decided I am going to join the Mamavation mamas and work towards a healthier lifestyle for Shawn, Fisher, and myself. In the coming months look for me to be posting Mamavation Monday posts where I outline what we are planning for our family and what works and doesn't.
So here I go -
This first week I am planning on not eating out at all! Coming off of a 10 day work trip where I ate out the whole week, I look forward to making meals and eating healthier.
I also plan on drinking 10 - 12 glasses of water a day. Also due to the work trip, I feel super dehydrated and gross.
I would like to make some working out/fitness goals but I am feeling quite crappy right now. So if I feel better, I will add those in!

Looking forward to getting to know the Mamavation mamas!!


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  2. Great goal not to eat out!!

    Welcome to the club!

  3. Great goals. We are getting ready to go out of town all next week. All our meals will be out.

  4. Sounds awesome! Good luck to you! Sounds like you already have some great goals set up.

  5. Starting small :) But starting no less! Traveling is something I really need to work on, eating healthy wise. And I travel a lot. Maybe another Mamavation Monday goal will involve traveling and eating healthy!
    Thanks everyone!

  6. GREAT GOALS!!! It's all about the baby steps! So looking forward to getting to know you along the way!

  7. We have been eating out waaaaaay less lately, and it was actually a side effect of putting ourselves on a written budget. So not only are we eating healthier homemade meals, we're spending less! Yahoo!