Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daycare....hopefully the third time is a charm!

For the third time Shawn and I are trying to get Fisher in daycare. Fisher could not go to daycare early on because of his nasal stents (they were a bear to deal with) and then because his pediatrician and Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor insisted that we do everything within our power to keep Fisher from getting sick until he was at least six months old. Did you know that babies can not consistently breathe out of their mouths until they are six months old? Yeah, I didn't know that either - until I had a son who has micronares (small nose holes) and was told that if Fisher got a cold or congestion he would have to be admitted to the hospital. Not cool. And then when Fisher was six months old his doctors said that he if we could hold off on daycare any longer that we should. So that is what we have done. And it has been exhausting. We juggle him between the two of us and our schedules. When Shawn is gone during a work day for me I work while Fisher is taking naps and then work again after Shawn gets home or after Fisher goes to bed. I try not to complain because I am very very thankful I have a job that allows me to do that.
Fisher is almost 11 months old and both mine and Shawn's schedules are about to get very insane with work and school so I am hoping the third time is a charm with getting Fisher in daycare! I have called around and there is one that I definitely feel more comfortable with. They are suppossed to let me know next week if they are going to have an opening for him in the near future. I guess if they don't I will have to get him in one of the other ones. But my intituion is telling me that this one in particular is the one to go with - so I am crossing my fingers.
For the record - I am not dreading Fisher going to daycare. I am actually excited about it. I think he is going to love it!! He loves playing with other children and he just doesn't get to do that very often. And thinking about the amount of stuff I can get done in 8-9 hours without Fisher is pretty exciting too.

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