Friday, August 20, 2010

Green Mamas Blog Hop!

This is the first blog hop I have participated in - though I have discovered some great blogs by visiting blog hops in the past. Join the Blog Hop or take a moment and peruse some of the blogs listed.
Have a GREAT Friday!


  1. Hi there! You followed me earlier and I came by to return the favor. Well, did some reading of your past entries and guess what? We have some eerie things in common!

    First, your son and my youngest son K, share a birthday! My little man was born 9/14 also and guess what? He was also a NICU baby. For a different reason but also from a traumatic(too quick) birth. Weird right?

    Second, we went to Myrtle Beach on vacation this summer also. We went in early May though.

    I just thought that was way too cool to not share! I will definitely be back by and I hope you will be too! Something tells me we might have been supposed to find each other...

  2. How cool! Well, not cool about the NICU crap, but cool that our sons share birthdays :)
    I look forward to reading your blog!