Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 3: Self Potrait After Loss

I am traveling right now for work so I don't have access to all my files and pics.  Today I spent the day at the Greeneville Airport coordinating volunteers that are helping with our project.  I had many hours alone at the airport, which is always nice.  I don't spend enough time in solace and I am always grateful for those rare times.  As usual, I noticed the natural world happening around me while hanging out at the airport all day and at one point I thought the sky looked gorgeous.  It was so blue and the clouds so white, just a gorgeous sky.  I spent some time watching the clouds and sitting in the silence. 
I snapped a picture of myself looking up at that gorgeous Tennessee fall sky.  It represents me after loss because I am more weathered but also more attuned to the world and what happens.  I live in the moment a little more than I used to and try appreciate the beauty around me.

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