Sunday, April 3, 2011

Focusing on food this week

I have got the workout thing under control. I love, love, love my new gym and since I am actually living in a town with friends I have people to work out with!!! I met my friend Crystal at the gym yesterday, we took our kids to the daycare, and then we hit the treadmill. We got great workouts in and then we took the kiddos to the gym pool. Today I am meeting a different friend to do zumba at the gym.
As I celebrate the successes of working out, I can not say the same about my eating. I have been on a sugar kick much of this week. Not good. So my goal for this week - No sugar. I know that I feel better when I avoid sugar, so I am not sure why I go back to it. Other than the sugar I did pretty good in the eating department this week - I followed the meal plan I made last Sunday. I am getting ready to make my meal plan for this week.

I am looking forward to the twitter party Monday night! I can't wait to see who the next Mamavation moms are! Good luck to all the finalists!


  1. Food seems the be the theme this week. I think it was something in the air.
    That's great that you have people to workout with! That always makes it more fun, and it's helpful to have that support.
    Have a great week!

  2. Sweet. It sounds like the move has done you well. I don't have gym dates and am jealous that you do. Good luck with the sugar this week.

  3. Hooray on getting the working out under control! :)
    & good luck on the goal of cutting out sugar this week!

  4. I tell you what, the story of my life is that I can either get working out on track, or healthy eating on track, but the two of them at the same time? Hardly ever. So I get it. Good luck this week building on all that exercise. That's great.

  5. Very cool! I am so happy to hear that the gym is working out so well for you. And I agree with Kia, I want a gym buddy, too!!!

    Keep up your hard work. I am proud of how well you are doing.

  6. Dood, I'm jealous of your gym dates. But I'm glad things are working out for you!
    Good luck on the no sugar this week.