Monday, March 28, 2011

The expense of being healthy

What is up with being healthy being so darn expenisive? Why is it so much more expenisive to go to the store and buy whole, healthy foods than it is to buy processed crap? And don't get me started on organics....

Now that we are settled into our new home and our new routine I am working on menu planning and making whole, healthy food for our meals again. I am going to spend some time today planning a grocery list and then going shopping tonight. The real point of this post was to talk about the money spent on running. You would think that running would be the cheapest activity one could do. However, not in my case. Getting back into running is proving to be an expensive endevour. First of all there is the issue that the majority of my runs happen long before daylight. I don't feel comfortable running outside in the dark, so a gym membership was the answer. That was $600 (I paid for the entire year at once). Second my shoes. My feet changed sizes during my pregnancy and I found that my running shoes no longer fit. I overpronate so I have to have special (i.e. expensive) running shoes. I went to the shoe store and dished out $120 for them. But man, they make a HUGE difference. There is no way my knees could take running without.
Third, the ladies. Along with my feet, my boobs also changed size during pregnancy. While this is a welcome addition to many women - I was a DD BEFORE getting pregnant. I won't even go into what I am now, but lets just say that a good sportsbra is not a luxery but a requirement in my situation. I have found that the Enell bra is amazing, though expensive. I bit the bullet and bought a new one. There went another $60.

And then for some reason I have been starving all day long after my morning workouts. I hit the nutrition store and bought some protein to try to stave off the all day munchies. Bye, bye $25.

So in the past two weeks I have spent $815 just to get back into running. And being a typical mom, I feel guilty about spending that much money on me. But you know what? It is worth every,single penny. That little block of time when it is just me and my ipod lets me recharge. It lets my brain wonder and process the different events and situations happening daily. It reminds to appreciate what my body can do and it is getting healthier with each run.

So - Where will your feet take you this year? Any plans for a big hike, race, or just a lot of walking? I have big plans for my feet this year. My feet are getting me back in shape. I am going to run a 5K in a few months and then a 10K after that. I am going to go hiking in the Smoky Mountains as much as possible this spring and summer. I would love to try some Earthfootwear to help me on the journey this year! Congrats to all the Mamavation Mom applicants and finalists. I look forward to cheering you ladies along your journey!


  1. Seriously, why are the good for you things so blinking expensive?!?
    I'm a large DD now, I don't even want to think about what the girls are going to be like when motherhood comes knocking...
    Good for you for biting the bullet, as painful as it can be, and purchasing things you and your family need. You're spending now, but it's better spent on being healthy than later on in visits to the doctor.
    Have a great week and enjoy your well supported runs! :)

  2. I don't have the big boobs like you do, but I know what you mean about the expense of healthy. We recently included the whole family into the "getting fit/healthy" change I've been doing and quadrupled our monthly food bill. EEeek. We have to make a few more changes now lol.

  3. But the long term benefits will be SO worth it!! I understand the mom guilt and thinking that you don't "deserve" to spend this money on yourself, but you do!! Sure, you could be successful without it, but you might be sidelined by injuries, weight-related health problems, etc. while on the way.

    I think you're doing a great job of being a healthy example to everyone who knows you!

  4. Oh, yes. My feet grew after pregnancy and I am slowly replacing all my shoes. Good running shoes make all the difference, really!

    On Al Dente Blog there is a $7 a day challenge. I am looking to modify it for our food needs. And it is NOT just rice & beans. :) Do hit farmer's markets, produce stands and eat in season when you can... that is how I keep the cost down.

    Have a great week! That bra looks amazing. :)

  5. It is totally worth it to spend that kind of money to get yourself healthy!!

    Farmers' markets are coming back into season, so that's a terrific way to get some inexpensive produce straight from the person growing it....usually picked that morning!

    Good luck to you :)

  6. Wait, they make good workout/running bras in that size? I didn't know that! I don't know when I'll have the extra money, but that's going on my wish list right now. I swear I'm going to knock myself out otherwise. This is money well spent because a healthy, happy mama helps create healthy, happy kiddos.

  7. It's DEFINITELY worth the money! And the time. I didn't go to the gym for a really long time because I felt guilty making Robbie go to the gym after spending all day in daycare. But, you know what? We need that time for ourselves. And I'm REALLY glad you're taking it!