Sunday, March 6, 2011

New city, new house, new office, new leaf

Moving sucks. I don't need to go into details, because if you have ever moved you need no explanation. So on to the next topic.
We are settled in and I LOVE living in Knoxville again. There is so much to do! The zoo, hiking, bike trails, jogging trails, parks, lakes, rivers, fishing, canoeing, play dates, friends, family ahhhhhh I am a happy woman right now.
Unfortunately, I am not happy with my eating habits of late. Not pretty. However, tomorrow is a new day, right? And it also happens that tomorrow I start working out of my new office in Knoxville. I worked out of a home office in Kentucky and there are some definite pros and cons about switching from a home office to a traditional office setting. One of the things I look forward to is not having access to my kitchen all the time! I will be taking a healthy lunch and a few healthy snacks and not have the temptation of what lurks in my cupboards. Another benefit of working from an office is that I will have the structure of more normal office hours and days. I thrive on structure so I think this is a good thing for me.
I am really wanting to join a gym here, however it looks like the only time I will have to go to the gym is after my son goes to bed (thank goodness he goes to bed early - by 7!) I am a little worried about that because I have always been more faithful to working out when I go first thing in the morning, but I don't think that is feasable here. Working out at night is going to be an adjustment for me, but I am sure if I can kick my butt and make myself go I will quickly get used to it and look forward to it.

Question: What are your strategies to fit everything into your busy life? Any areas you need to work on?
The question this week is very timely as you probably notice from my post. Life is BUSY and just seems to get busier! I feel like I do a good job of fitting in household chores. Since my son sleeps so much and is in daycare a big chunk of the day - I spend all the time that he is awake and not in daycare with him. While he eats in his high chair I clean the kitchen, he "helps" me with laundry, etc. On weekends when he is napping I am one efficient mama! I run around like a crazy person doing all the things that I can't get to with a shadow. For the most part the household stuff works.
However - I desperately need to work on fitting in exercise into my life! Like I said - I try to spend the time my son is home from daycare and awake with him so that leaves early morning or after he goes to bed. I am much better when I exercise at a gym, so I need to fit gym time into my life!
I am hoping to make it to Mamavation TV Monday night! I really need to learn some tips about fitting everything in, and of course I would LOVE to win some Earth Footwear!!
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  1. It's great that you're settled in! It seems like there are a lot of healthy activities to burn off those calories that you aren't so proud of! :) You can do it!

  2. I can relate! It's so tough because when you have the time to spend with your kids, you absolutely spend it with them. Then when they are asleep, you run around like a maniac because you need to catch up on everything! I try to remember that they are only kids once, and I shouldn't chastise myself for taking advantage of my time with them. Exercise is absolutely important, but exercise will also always be there -- kids won't. I've tried to just work around it and involve my kids in my exercise, like when I work out in the living room with a DVD. I hope you have a great week!! :)

  3. Finding a schedule that works is hard, for example, I prefer mornings because I'm ready to drop by the end of the day. Like Milo said though, incorporating the kids into the workout can be great. If you have a dance video or something ~ little people love to move! LOL And they make excellent weights. :-)

  4. Moving and getting settled in are CRAZY!! Best of luck in settling into a healthy routine soon. Congrats on the move, I know you were looking forward to returning to Knoxville.

  5. Moving is the suckiest process ever. I agree.

    Working out at night is hard for me, too, but it's a switch I have to make from time to time. You can do it!

    Congrats on having the move behind you now!

  6. I am not a fan of moving, so my heart goes out to you. Even after a year, I have some boxes in the closets I haven't gone through.

    Yes, fitting it all in is a Mom's challenge. Do what you can and forgive yourself for what you can't. Hope to see you at Mamavation TV tonight. I am sure we will all learn a new trick or two. Have a great week!

  7. Congratulations on getting settled in! It sounds like this new office is going to help you a lot. I know you can jump right back in and kick some butt!

  8. Moving is stressful and with stress comes eating. But you are moved so now you can concentrate on yourself again. I much rather exercise on the morning also, but you can do this. If you need a kick in the butt then ask a Mamavation Sister..that is what we are here for. You can do It!!!!

  9. Moving IS so stressful (I'm facing it in June myself) but having access to quick, healthy snacks all around you can help. Hugs!

  10. Ugh, I DESPISE moving! But I'm glad you're happy and around family.
    Congrats on the new office digs!

  11. Moving is so stressful! I told my hubby I NEVER want to go through it again... but the good news is it's behind you! WOO HOO for that! I workout at night as well - after the kids get to bed... but I have a hard time heading to the gym that I work out at home instead most nights. I know you will find your rythm and it will be perfect for you! Good luck with all the changes you are going through but you are right - TODAY is a new day.

  12. I had NO idea you were in Kentucky! I'm in LExington originally from Harlan :-)

    And I am VERY familiar with Knoxville because a company I used to work for it based out of there! Such a small world!

    Have a great week and glad you're settled in :-0

  13. Glad you are all settled. Sounds like a great place!

  14. ugh! Moving is ROUGH! Andrew and I just moved into our first home... and my weight has inched up.. I am trying right now {with success} to bring it back down!

    I like your idea of working out @ your office... I have a gym my by office, but I have been traveling too long and it's been forever since I last went.. cant wait to get back into that too!