Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mamavation Monday - On the Road Again

I hit the road again today. I am heading to Raleigh, NC to go to a workshop on dealing with the media, doing interviews, etc. I do interviews and deal with the media a few times a year and I never look forward to it. I am always afraid I am going to say something stupid, be misquoted, or just look like an ass in general and then have my name and agency attributed to it. So if I learn anything at this training it could be worth my pride in the long run.
I worked out 5 days this past week. I am loving my EAS active 2 for my Wii! It is so much fun and I love that I can get a workout during my lunch break (I work from a home office) and especially after I put Fisher to bed for the night.
I have logged everything I have put in my mouth for the past 28 days. I have only went over my calories one or two of those days. I am proud of myself for keeping up with my calories and sticking to my calorie goal. However, I am super bummed that as of this morning - since I have only lost 1.5 lbs total since logging my calories AND working out. I know I lose slow, but DAMN! It is even hard to lose 5 lbs at a time when it takes literally months to lose 5 lbs. So I am meeting with a doctor so she can assess my medications (thyroid), look at my calorie intake, and hopefully offer some suggestions and/or changes. I have been eating clean for the most part. Lots of whole foods but probably still too many whole wheat breads. I am going to try to eat less breads/carbs and see if that helps. I am trying not to get discouraged - because I do feel better. I feel like my body is slowly losing, even if the scale doesn't appear like it. I feel like my jeans fit me better and I feel a little more firm since I have been able to work out so much lately. So please remind me to focus on the positive and not give up! :)

Question: How are you getting more fiber in your diet this New Year?
I have been eating a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables. I have made it a mini goal for me to only snack on raw fruits and vegetables if I want to eat something between meals. This has helped me increase my fiber intake and increase the amount of healthy fruits and veggies I am eating!
I have never tried Kellogg's Fiber Plus, but I am getting a free sample, so I am excited to try it out! As a super busy, working, traveling mom - if I can get anything quick and easy I am all about it!

I’m writing this post as an entry to a blogging carnival sponsored by Fiber Plus. I will be receiving free product in return.


  1. Good Luck this week! I love EASA 2 as well it is my favorite way to workout! (Besides plain old walking) Great job with the journaling! Keep it up!

  2. If your clothes fit better, you might be gaining muscle which of course weighs more than fat. Don't give up hope! Maybe your doctor will have some good answers for you. I am amazed at your dedication to log your intake. I am working on that and it is a struggle. Keep up your hard work. You know it will pay off. Cheers!

  3. Good luck this week. Also good luck working with your doctor.

  4. OK, Erin. We have some serious stuff to work on. The whole month of Shred gave me 5 lb loss and you know, that was some intense workout. Let's get in touch when you back from NC and put together some kind of plan that we can do together. Have you actually taken your measurements?

    You kick my butt in food tracking. You are so great in doing this.

  5. You are doing so well! Hopefully you get some good insight after meeting with your doctor. Have a great week!