Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas First.

It hit me today, that this is the first Christmas in my 31 years that I have not been at my parents house. This year we did our traveling to visit family the week before Christmas and met up my sisters at our parents farm the weekend before Christmas. We did all of our usual family Christmas traditions (eating Chinese food on our "Christmas Eve", the full Christmas meal, presents, etc) just a week early. Which means that Shawn, Fisher, and I are own our own at our own house this Christmas. Which is actually really nice in a lot of ways, we had the most relaxing Christmas week ever, since all the stressful last minute shopping for family, for food, traveling, etc was behind us. Ironically, I sprained my ankle and then got a virus, so I spent the majority of the week resting and recouping. I am so glad that we had the traveling behind us, there is no way I could have traveled this week being as sick as I was.
Anyway, I it is Christmas Eve and it is the three of us for the first time. We hung out and watched some Star Wars movies, which Shawn says is our new tradition - we will watch Star Wars movies on Christmas Eve, if you know Shawn you know he is always looking for an excuse to watch Star Wars movies. I made steak for dinner and whole wheat chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Then we played some music and we danced. I love to watch Fisher dance, he cracks me up, I could watch him dance all day!
After Fisher went to bed we put together his toddler 4-wheeler Santa got him and now we have cleaned up and are ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow we plan on opening presents (of course), making Christmas dinner, and spending the day in our pjs again!
Part of me likes doing the Christmas thing, just us. But part of me misses the familiarity and comfort of the Christmas traditions with my parents. However, I know that we will develop our own family traditions and that is exciting to me.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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