Monday, December 20, 2010

Busted week ahead :(

I just got back from a 10 day trip to Arkansas and Western Kentucky visiting my and my husband's families. I was excited to get back home and get moving again on the 30 day shred and I was planning on resuming my Coach to 10K program. So this morning I wake up motivated to get my day rolling - I dash outside to start my car and hit a solid sheet of ice on the top step and twisted my left ankle royally and fell down the 5 stairs into the snow. I knew immediately that I had hurt my ankle, and stayed in the snow for a few minutes imagining trying to get the house on the market and taking care of a 15 month old on crutches. Then it hit me that I was laying in wet snow and I very slowly and gingerly got up. I could put weight on my ankle, but every time I did I got nauseous. Not a good morning. So I ended up getting it xrayed, and very thankfully it is not broken. Seriously, thank God for that! It is majorly sprained in a couple of places, so I have an ace bandage and air cast on it, and I am suppossed to be off of it for about a week, and then slowly get back to "normal". Crap.
So I not be doing the 30 day shred for at least another week. However, I am going to make sure I eat well this week. No eating out (which should be easy, since I am actually HOME for a while!), eating clean, etc. Except for Christmas, when the hubs and I are making a couple of casseroles, mashed potatoes, and rolls. ;)
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a great Christmas and week!!

A big shout out to @christidarty for being SOTW this week!!

I hope to see everyone tonight at Mamavation TV at 10pm ET, this weeks guest @tribalenergy4u. Two winners of the carnival will win a Tribal Energy Cardio DVD.


  1. Oh, no! So glad it wasn't broken before the holidays. So relax, eat well... and maybe have fun with some hand weights? Definitely enjoy the holidays with your family! Happy Holidays.

  2. Erin, I can hardly believe this - sounds very painful. Girlfriend you are just liking challenging yourself. First, you drive off the map and now flying?..

    Please take it easy and stay away from comfort food

    Also, may I suggest Elmosize? They have workout in the chair song. :)

    Please take care of yourself and enjoy your holidays

  3. That is a horribly painful accident to have, but maybe you can use it to get some pampering for the holiday..maybe :)

    It is so tough to take care of a toddler when you have to take it easy. Hope you can get some help with that.

    Good luck with the goals you can accomplish this week. Fingers crossed for some quick healing so you can have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Oh no! Rest Ice Compression & Elevation.... Take care of that ankle so you can kick some #shredding butt next week!

  5. Oh no! Hope your ankle feels better soon!

  6. Ouchie. Take it easy this week. Glad to hear nothing is broken and that you are okay. Sending healing vibes to you this week. Take care!

  7. Ugh! That stinks. You're right though at least you didn't break it. Stay off for a week so you can get back to the Shred. I'm right there with you. I missed 2 days of it but that was because I was sore from everything else.

  8. hope you have a great holiday, ankle injuries are never a good thing, two years ago i tripped over a parking curb and fractured my ankle i was out of commission for several months.