Sunday, November 21, 2010


Excuse my whining but I am completely overwhelmed. I just got back from being gone for work for two weeks. I return to a house that needs to be on the market right now, but isn't close to being ready to list. I want to have it looking perfect before we list it because I want it gone!
I want to be able to concentrate on the house and get it ready but that is proving to be impossible with a toddler whose middle name is Destructo. Combine that with Shawn being super busy with school work as it is the end of the semester (in other words, he is no help!) and going out of town AGAIN on Wednesday for Thanksgiving and the amazing amount of work for my job that I need to be doing and I am feeling more overwhelmed than I have been in my whole life. I keep walking in circles. I walk into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and I notice the pile of dishes so I start loading the dish washer, go rescue Fisher from whatever eminent danger he has gotten himself into, go back to the kitchen, realize the milk was left out, put it in the fridge, get side tracked by the banana on the floor, set the milk down to pick up the get the idea. Basically I never do get my coffee!! I feel I need to be super productive this weekend and I have gotten absolutely nowhere.
On top of all this I am meeting with a lawyer tomorrow about Fisher's birth injuries and I think that is adding to my stress. I am just a mess of emotions and frustrations which is not helping me get things done.
I wish I could just have one week alone in my house to get things ready but that isn't going to happen. My family all has their own stuff going on, so there is no help there. So I will just continue feeling sorry for myself until Fisher takes a nap and then I will bust my butt, probably running around in circles getting too little accomplished.


  1. want a good laugh? Woke up one morning and 1/2 asleep tried to pour some cereal and milk for my boys... only when I went to get the milk, noticed the cereal box was in the fridge... guess where the milk was? ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE (that's where we keep the cereal)... the bad part was that I hadn't noticed for 2 days!

    I hope you are at least smiling :) I know I am. My point, we all get to this point. stop, take a deep breath, and try to be fully present in all that you do. If you are going to load the dishwasher, be fully present with those dishes. If you notice something else that needs attention (other than your son of course) add it to your to-do list.

    I'm thinking of you! Semester is ALMOST over!! (for me too!)

  2. So... I totally understand how you feel. Can I offer a suggestion? Lists. Lists. Oh, and more lists. I have a notebook full of things I have to do. When it comes to the house, I go room by room and list everything I have to do (Kitchen - Empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, trash out, banana off floor, milk off top of fridge, etc.). Even list the small things because crossing them off makes you feel so good. It's also more manageable with a list because you can give some of the small stuff to Shawn (and show him how much is on your list). Good luck! You'll get through this!!