Sunday, November 7, 2010

My shadow

I have always been an independent person. While I don't consider myself a loner, I definitely enjoy time alone and doing things alone more than your average bear. Hell, my husband and I didn't even live together full time until we had been married three years! (because of job/school situations, we had to live in different states and see each other on weekends).
In comes Fisher - the 14 month old mini person that wants nothing more than to strip me of my independence. When I go to the bathroom he does too. When I unload the dishwasher, he climbs up on the door and helps by grabbing dishes and throwing them to the ground to see how loud of sounds they make. When I go out to the laundry room he follows and has learned to put clothes into the dryer. And then the highlight of his laundry experience comes when he gets to slam the dryer door! Oh the excitement! You get the picture - and if you have ever had a toddler you have probably experienced it. I officially have a shadow, a mini me, a partner is crime....and for the most part it is pretty cool! I have fun doing mundane things with him like grocery shopping. I laugh at him when we are out and a stranger says "Hey buddy give me 5!" and he furiously shakes his head left to right and says "NOOOO". It isn't all fun - like when he wants to type on my keyboard as I
But I have gotten used to it and adjusted my life accordingly. I automatically wait at the door of the sun room for him to catch up so I can help him down the step to join me. I grab the knives out of the dishwasher first thing when I open it. I absolutely can not go grocery shopping without a list or I will end up leaving without the necessary toilet paper as nothing distracts your shopping like a toddler grabbing at anything that comes within a 5 foot radius.
Just one of the many ad hoc things we didn't really anticipate as parents.
Today I leave to trap raccoons out of state. I will be trapping Monday through Friday for the next 5 - 6 weeks, which means I will only see Fisher on Saturdays and Sundays. While the long, unrushed showers will be nice - I already feel a little lost without my shadow. And I can't help but wonder how he will change over these next weeks. I already miss him, my little partner in crime, because doing laundry is not nearly as much fun when you have to shut the dryer door on your own.


  1. I'm sorry! :( I know I'd totally be lost without the Graybot following in my footsteps. I'm so used to him being right under foot that I turn around and look for him before walking!
    At least you'll get a nice Christmas Break after all this hard work and missing each other!

  2. Stay safe with all your trapping. Hopefully Fisher will do good while you are gone.

  3. Awww, that stinks. I don't know what I'd do without my "shadow" every day. I can totally relate to the grocery store and the laundry - lol! Will be praying that your time with Fisher (even if it is just on the weekends) is blessed! Thanks for posting this! :)