Sunday, November 14, 2010

I suck at traveling

I really do. Well, as far as being healthy while traveling - I really suck at it. Unfortunately I travel a lot. And this time of year it is nonstop.
I left my house one week ago and will not be home until this Friday - so that is 13 days of eating out. So far on the trip I have been about 50/50 on my eating. I eat breakfast at the hotel which consists of whole wheat toast (that I bring) and some rubbery eggs they provide. I take a snack of an apple and/or a Lara bar. For lunch I eat a sandwich I take out in the field with me. Dinner has been my shortfall because it consists of eating out at restaurants and beer. Mmmmmm beer.
Oh and water - yeah, I sucked at that this past week too. In my defense - I am raccoon trapping and last week I was trapping a city park. With no bathrooms and lots of people there....while the guys I work with can sneak away and "talk to a tree" I don't have that luxury without my big white booty hanging out for the world to last week I didn't drink nearly enough water.
So I have things to work on this week....eating better in the evenings, drinking more water, and I suppose less beer. boooo!
On the positive side of things - I get a great all over body workout trapping raccoons. We don't hike in too far to set and check traps, but we do set 30 traps and walking to each trap includes climbing up and down hills, over logs, etc. And having a raccoon in a trap and carrying it back to the truck is a serious cardio blast!

Congrats to @MMScarlett for being the Sista of the Week!! Awesome job!

I would love to win a copy of Belly Beautiful Workout. Though we aren't trying to TTC right now (wish we were lol!) I sure hope to have a beautiful pregnant belly again sometime soon!


  1. Woohoo! Sounds like you are doing well. Better than I would do while traveling. Heck, better than I do at home. I can see how water would be hard though.

    Good luck and be safe out there!

  2. Love your posts and understand your traveling problems. How about snacking when traveling? Having good snacks with you might help too.

  3. Traveling and eating healthy and staying active are hard! I think we all struggle with that. Now that you are back, its time to get back on the horse! You can do it!

  4. There is an adapter type device that allows a woman to pee standing up. Not sure if I would be brave enough to try it! LOL

    Hang in there. Being prepared with good, healthy snacks is great. Do what you can and re-focus when you get home. Hugs!

  5. I traveled a LOT this past summer and it wasn't easy. Hang in there!!!

  6. What do you do with the raccoons and why are you trapping them? Very curious!

    You know what, give yourself a break. You don't suck.

  7. OMG! Your job sounds great! Mine was very sedentary. Do you transplant the raccoons to a new habitat? Is it possible to order half pints of beer? That would cut *some* calories.

    have a great week!

  8. You are doing a great job. I hate those field situations where you don't have facilities as a lady (this has happened to me too). What can you do besides hope you stay hydrated and not have to take a piss while eating fruit and not drinking water. You'll be home soon and given what field life is like I am just glad you are not completely blowing your plan at dinner. As a wildlife bio beer is kind of in the manual.

  9. When I travel I have a hard time being away from many fresh fruit and veggie choices. I get tired of the same old bananas and oranges in hotels. Keep it up. I am a tiny bit jealous of your glamorous travel life. :)

  10. YEah, traveling is hard and sometimes you have to just do what you can do. And your water problem made me giggle.

    All I can say is just hang in there and keep doing your best. In the big picture of your life, this 13 days is a speck. You'll make it!

  11. great job at the workout sorry about no potty breaks for you hope you have a great trip and have a safe trip home