Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bye Bye Gallbladder

I had my gallbladder out 2.5 weeks ago.  It was diseased  - I didn't have stone, but it wasn't working properly and was causing lots of shoulder pain.  So I got it removed.  I was a little nervous about getting it removed, because it is surgery and surgery can't be undone.  I was worried that the pain wasn't actually caused by my gallbladder and I worried that having the gallbladder out wasn't the right thing to do.
It was :)  Since I have had it out I feel much better - no shoulder pain and I feel less sluggish in general.  I know now that I made the right decision.  My doctors also think my diseased gallbladder may be tied to me not losing weight.  Time will tell on that one, I have a lost a few pounds post surgery but I think that is to be expected since I have not eaten much at all.
The surgeon told me not to workout for 4-6 weeks, other than walking.  I am not really complying, since I am going to start working out again today - 2.5 weeks post surgery.  I am going to go back to Body Pump today - I really really miss it!  But I am going to take it a little easier than normal and probably won't do the ab workouts.
I am excited to get back to working out, even if I keep things low key for another week or two.  My body needs workouts for stress reduction if nothing else.
Hope everyone has a great 4th!!


  1. As someone that is very very familiar with surgery, I just want to caution you because of internal stitches & all the shifting of other organs. I've repeated several surgeries because I thought I felt great.
    Congrats on losing a few pounds already, abdominal surgeries are usually know for their water retention. So glad your pain has gone away and you are feeling up.

  2. ACK! When I first saw your post titly I literally said "Oh No!" Take time to heal, you will get back in the swing of things soon enough! I understand being sick/out of commission and craving workouts!

  3. I missed you so much. My body is going crazy without workouts - stress really get to me and I feel confused. Are you sure you're not jumping the gun though? With workouts? How are you feeling?

  4. not to be too motherly, but listen to your doctor and take the time your body needs to heal. If jonesing for a stress relief, how about some low-key yoga or meditation - you don't want to do more damage than good hon :(