Monday, September 20, 2010

So many firsts!

In the past week Fisher had his first birthday, his first birthday party and went to daycare for the first time. That is a lot of firsts for any mama to handle!
I took off work on Sept 14th to properly spoil Fisher on his first birthday. We went to the park and then met his Daddy at McDonald's for Fisher's first Happy Meal. He loved his nuggets and didn't dig the fries. After a nap we took Fisher to Toys R Us where he picked out his own birthday present and then my husband decided that we needed to take Fisher out for his first steak dinner. Because every one year old deserves a steak on their first birthday right??? Well, we happen to have a one year old that is a human trash compactor and will actually eat a steak on his first birthday. So we went to a steak house and ordered him steak tips. Because he was wearing a shirt that said "Babies first birthday" the waiters came and sang for him. He clapped. We smiled. We ate steak. Good night.

Fisher's first birthday party was Sunday. We had such a good time hosting friends and family at our house. Fisher loved the balloons and spend a long time running around the house with his cousin Emerson playing with them. He also enjoyed opening presents and was genuinely excited about each one.
I decided a few months ago that I was going to make Fisher an owl cake for his birthday. Not for him, for me. I love owls so I figured since Fisher is too young to ask for a specific cake, then I got to make the choice. I think the cake turned out pretty good - it was a first me me to try to make a cake. It was supposed to stand up, but I ended up laying it down because I didn't feel like it was sturdy. Regardless, Fisher loved it and tore into it.

And today...Fisher had another first. He went to day care for the first time. No, I didn't cry...and neither did he. He was pretty excited about having the chance to play with other kids. I set him down in his room and walked away with no tears shed on either of our behalves. Though I did wonder what he was doing all day and I was tempted to call and check on him more than once. When Shawn and I went to pick him up he was happily playing and we got a great report from his teachers. Like everything else in life, he seems to be taking daycare in stride.

I am finally sitting down to relax and breathe. His first birthday is over, the party is finished (though we still need to finish cleaning up!), and he seems to really like his daycare. I am a happy and proud mama tonight :)


  1. Sounds like Fisher had a great birthday! That owl cake is so cute! Great job, especially for your first time. Glad he did so well at day care.

  2. Woohoo! Sounds like he had an awesome first birthday. That owl cake is just too cute!!